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Trust, Safety & Insurance

Package safety

EatAfro is dedicated to keeping your delivery safe. Our platform enables us to focus on your package safety before, during, and after delivery. Here's how.

Getting a safe delivery

Safe pickups
EatAfro app automatically finds your location to provide door-to-door service.

Open to everyone, everywhere
All grocery pick-ups are blindly matched with available riders. So, there is no discrimination based on race, gender, or destination.

Driver profiles
When your request is matched with a driver, you’ll see their name, license plate number, photo, and rating—so you know who’s picking you up ahead of time

Getting to your destination

Always on the map
Follow your trip in real time so that you always know where your package is. Your package is delivered to the right person as he will need to have your delivery confirmation code to complete the trip.

Share your package ETA
Once the rider picks up the package, share the package ETA with recipient so he or she can monitor the route and know when to expect the delivery.

Always here for you

Anonymous feedback
After the delivery, you can rate the rider or the driver and provide anonymous feedback about the service. We review all feedback because our goal is to make every pick-up and delivery a great experience.

24/7 support
Our support team is always ready to respond to any questions you may have about your pick-up and delivery and help you retrieve lost items.

Rapid response
Our specially-trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent concerns that arise.